Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hurry Up and Wait

Whoa. Information Overload.

My head is still spinning from the three hours my wife and I spent at the Good Doctor's office this morning. This thing isn't going to be quite as simple as I thought it was going to be. Why?

One word: Freaking insurance.

I knew there would be hoops. But good grief, there are hoops within hoops that are under hoops that sit on top of three well placed yet precariously balanced hoops.

Long story short ... I'm required to wait 3 months. And within those 3 months, I must complete the following:
  • One doctor and nutritionist visit per month (today's counted as No. 1)
  • Documented weight history for the past two years
  • Letter from my primary care physician supporting surgery that also:

a. lists all diets failed
b. lists the health problems that my weight is now causing
c. indicates that bariatric surgery is medically necessary

  • Psych evaluation
  • Nutritional evaluation
  • A three-month, medically supervised multi-disciplinary diet that must be documented by both the doctor and dietitian
  • Cardiac Stress Test
  • Some sort of gastric procedure where they put me under and snake a camera down my throat and into my stomach to have a look around, AND
  • A bone density scan
Oh, and none of this touches on the evangelistic-like full-court press we got from the benefits coordinator on the advantages of gastric bypass over the lap band. My wife says she's had church experiences that were less pushy and hardcore.

So , now that I've decided to go down this road and thought I had my mind set on the lap band, we get the push from the Good Doctor and his sidekicks that the bypass is the bee's knees and end-all-be all.

But that's discussion for another day. Right now, I must put on my hoop jumping shoes and prepare myself for some hoop jumping.

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  1. Dude - DONT DO IT. Once you go down that road, you can never go back